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WHO: World Health Organization
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Review the palliative care resources of the The World Health Organization (WHO).
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WHO Home Page

WHO Definition of Palliative Care

WHO Pain Ladder

Africa Project on Palliative Care

Assuring Availability of Opioid Analgesics (PDF)

Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy
    Essential Medicines Library
    Palliative Care Medicines

AIDS Topics
    Palliative Care in AIDS Care
    IMAI Symptom Management Interim Guidelines (PDF)
    Fact Sheet 8 HIV Palliative and Terminal Care (PDF)

Cancer Topics
    Palliative Care in Cancer Care
    Publications to Download or Purchase

Elder Care Topics
    What are the palliative care needs of older people, WHO Europe
    Better Care for Older People, WHO Europe (PDF)
    The Solid Facts, WHO Europe & EAPC (PDF)

Publications to Download or Purchase

Search WHO Website w. Google = Palliative

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