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CPS faculty are invited to teach hospice and palliative care locally, nationally and internationally. During 2003, they have given over 91 lectures and seminars to more than 10,000 people in over 20 countries.
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Cancer in Africa Symposium
Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 2007

  • Palliative Care for Africa

  • Download
    25 M PPT
    European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC)
    Budapest, Hungary, May 2007

  • Palliative Wound Care

  • Wound Pain Management

  • Download

    500 K PPT
    3.3 M PPT
    St. Agnes Healthcare
    Fresno, CA, May 06, 2006

  • Challenges and Goals of Palliative Care Slides

  • Handout

  • Download
    3.7 M PPS
    435K PDF
    No Pain, Better Gain
    SAWC, San Antonio, TX, May 03, 2006

  • Krasner, Introduction

  • Ferris, Pain Pathophysiology

  • Ferris, Pain Assessment

  • Fowler, Arterial Ulcers

  • Ferris, Selecting Analgesics
  • Krasner, Pain-relieving Dressings
  • Krasner, Peristomal Radiation Ulcerations
  • Fowler, Incontinence-related Skin Breakdown
  • Ferris, Managing Neuropathic Pain
  • Download
    15.8M PPS
    168 K PPS
    371 K PPS
    3.4 M PPS
    131 K PPS
    7.5 M PPS
    677 K PPS
    8.7 M PPS
    102 K PPS
    Ontario EOL Network Meetings
    Halton-Peel, Waterloo Region-Wellington-Duffering-Sudbury-Thunderbay
    October 4-7, 2005
  • Ferris, Bower: Goals of Hospice Palliative Care

  • Ferris, Bower: Implementing Hospice Palliative Care

  • Ferris, Bower: Principal Activities

  • Handout - Implementing Hospice Palliative Care

  • Handout - Domains and Issues & Steps in the Process of Providing Care
  • Ferris et al, A model to guide patient and family care. Based on nationally accepted principles and norms of practice. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2002 Aug;24(2):106-23.
  • Download

    9.3 M PPT
    0.7 M PPT
    1.7 M PPT
    2.5 M PDF
    56 K PDF

    750 K PDF
    AACE Annual Meeting
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    September 16, 2005
  • Buckholz, Ferris, Pirrello, Bull, O'Mary: Changing Pain Management Practice Agency-wide

  • Ferris, Bower, Wheeler, Al-Khateib, Treish, Stjernsward: Introducing Palliative Care in Jordan

  • Ferris, Grant, O'Donnell, Wilkerson: WS3: Presentation Skills Clinic

  • Ferris, von Gunten, Von Roenn, Emanuel: Education in Palliative and End-of-life Care - Oncology (EPEC-O)

  • Ferris, von Gunten, Rabow, Citko, Auerbach, Pantilat: Evaluating the California Hospital Initiative in Palliative Services (CHIPS)
  • Pirrello, Ferris: Improving Equianalgesic Dosing for Chronic Pain Management
  • von Gunten, Garman, Mullen: Evaluation of a Required Hospice Rotation for Third-year Medical Students
  • Download
    3.5 M PPT

    23 M PPT

    0.4 M PPT

    2.5 M PPT

    0.2 M PPT

    4.1 M PPT

    2.9 M PPT
    Stjernswärd, Ferris:
    OSI Conference
    Budapest, Hungary
    September 6, 2005
  • The Jordan Model

  • Download
    64.4 M PPT
    Bower, Ferris, Stjernswärd:
    AAHPM Conference
    Hilton Hotel, New Orleans, LA
    January 23, 2005
  • Integrating Palliative Care into an Existing Healthcare System: An International Perspective

  • Download
    Slides &
    and Handout
    Ferris: CMA Conference
    Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA
    January 8, 2005
  • Negotiating End-of-life Care / Advance Directives

  • Download
    Slides &
    Handout, and
    Hyperlink to
    Ferris: OSI Palliative Care and HIV / AIDS
    Hotel Rus, Kiev, Ukraine
    February 26 - 28, 2004
  • What is Palliative Care

  • Common Symptoms

  • Last Hours of Life

  • Integrating Palliative Care into AIDS Standards
  • Pain Case
  • Symptom Case

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