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Publishing in the peer-reviewed literature is an important way that CPS communicates information about palliative medicine and advances in end-of-life care. Select a year, or author:
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Barbara Bailey Karen Bowen
Parag Bharadwaj Kerry Corboy
Kimberly A. Bower Wendy Evans
Noreen Carrington Rebecca Ferrini
Jan Cetti Michael Frederich
Maria Danilychev Jackie Hay
Frank D. Ferris Susan Hutchin
Laurel Herbst Maggie O'Connor
Doris A. Howell Karin Porter-Williamson
Charles Lewis David Sine
Shawn McCann Liz Sumner
Gil Naco
Steve Oppenheim
Rosene Pirrello
True Ryndes
Wendy Stein
Rodney Schwan
Linda Strause
Roger Strong
Ann Sturley
Jay Thomas
Charles F. von Gunten
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Last Updated: February 02, 2005