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Faculty and Staff
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A diverse interdisciplinary faculty and staff supports a wide range of educational, research and advocacy activities in hospice and palliative care.
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    Faculty / Staff

All members have developed special interest and expertise.

All physicians are certified by the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Review the CPS Organizational Chart (149K PDF)

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Charles F. von Gunten, MD PhD FACP
Provost/Vice President, Center for Palliative Studies,
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine
Paula Frampton-Brown,
Executive Assistant to Dr. von Gunten and Dr. Frank D. Ferris

Rosalyn Allina, MSW, MGR, LCSW
   Social Work Supervisor
Kim Bower, MD
   Co-Director, Children's Program
Gary Buckholz, MD
   Director, Fellowship Program
Noreen A. Carrington, MA, LMFT, CT
   Director Bereavement and Volunteers
Tanya Dansky, MD
   Director Children's Program
Deborah Dunne, RN BSN MSN MBA
   Chief Administrative Officer, Clinical Affairs
Frank D. Ferris, MD
   Medical Director,
   Palliative Care Standards / Outcome Measures
   Professor, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine
Liane Fry, MA, LMFT
   Program Manager, Center for Grief Care and Education
Silvia Garcia, MD
   Clinical Medical Director
Sheryl Harding, MA, RD, DHCFA
   Director, Food and Nutrition Services (FANS)
Laurel Herbst, MD
   Vice President, Medical Affairs,
   Clinical Professor of Medicine,
   UCSD School of Medicine
Scott Irwin, MD, PhD
   Medical Director, Palliative Care Pyschiatry
Kathy Jones, BA, MA
   Vice President/CFO
Connie Leslie, MSW, LCSW
   LCSW Supervisor, Homecare
Charles Lewis, MD
   Medical Director, Inpatient Care Center and
   Integrative Medicine Program,
   Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Family and Preventative    Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine
Ben Marcantonio, MEd, MS, MFT
   Director, East & South County Hospice Care at Home
Judi McCarter, MT, AA, BA
   Project Manager
MyLil Ramey, RN, BSN, CCRN
   Director of Inpatient Care Center
Gil Naco, MD
   Clinical Medical Director
Sharon O'Mary, MSN
   Director, North County Hospice Care at Home Teams
Steven Oppenheim, MD
   Clinical Medical Director
   Director HIV Programs,
   Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine,
   UCSD School of Medicine
   Chair, Institutional Review Board
Joe Pirrello
   Bereavement Intern Clinical Supervisor
Rosene Pirrello, PharmD
   Director, Pharmacy
Julie Prazich, MD
   Clinical Medical Director at Large
   Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine,
   UCSD School of Medicine
Nicole Reich
   Manager, Bereavement Program Interns
Renee Smilde, MD
   Palliative Care Service, Scripps Mercy Hospital
Jeffrey Stoneberg, DO
   Clinical Medical Director
Roger Strong, MSN FNP
   Family Nurse Practitioner
Jay Thomas, MD PhD
   Clinical Medical Director,
   Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine,
   UCSD School of Medicine
Annette Vollrath, MD
   Clinical Medical Director, Long Term Care
Charles von Gunten, MD PhD FACP
   Provost/Vice President, Center for Palliative Studies
   Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine,
   UCSD School of Medicine
Marcia Yee, MD
   Clinical Medical Director, Long Term Care
Doris Howell, MD
   Professor Emerita of Pediatrics,
   UCSD School of Medicine
   Director Emerita of San Diego Hospice



Charles F. von Gunten, MD PhD FACP
   Chair, Education Committee
Barbara L. Bailey, MS RN
   Associate Manager,
   Education Programs
Sarah Alcorn, BA
   Coordinator, Fellowship Program
Maryrita Hillengas, BA
   Corordinator, Education Programs
Karen Matuszewski , BA
   Coordinator, Visitor Program

Chris Mizser
   Director, Staff Education
Patti Kicak, RN, MA, CPHQ
   Manager, Staff Education
JJ Nadicksbernd, MSW
   Manager, Special Projects
May Bull, RN
   Clinical Educator, Special Projects
Carol Stomberg, RN
   Educator, Clinical Systems
Kelley Worrall,
   Coordinator, Education Systems
Stephanie Whitmore
   Program Coordinator
Melissa Poole
   Administrative Assistant,
   Staff Education

   Associate Manager,
   Research Programs
Erika LeGard, MSRA
   Clinical Research Associate
Carlene Gibbons, RN
   Research Nurse
Diane Munson, MPH
Director, Federal & Private Grants
Robyn Huffman
Matt Soskins, PhD

Steven Oppenheim, MD
   Chair,Institutional Review Board
Karen Matuszewski, BA
   Coordinator, IRB


Kathy Jones, BA MA Vice Chair; IRB
Liane Fry, MA LFMT
Peggy Lee, BSN, MBA
Charles Lewis, MD
Amy Londowski, MSW
Chirs Mizser, BSN, MS
Sun Spriggs, BS
Richard Warner, BA

Non-voting Members
Laurel H. Herbst, MD


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